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How I Became A Professional Weed Smoker

I started my journey with marijuana when I was 16 years old, which is common. It was my love of Christian rock that inadvertently exposed me to regular rock (or satanic rock, if you prefer), which thereby introduced me to weed. I heard Pink Floyd sing about the dark side of the moon, and I became curious as to what they were talking about.

My Dad's Original Copy of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

Let that be a message to all the parents out there; Christian rock is a gateway to soft-drugs.

Unlike my high school peers, marijuana didn’t have a negative impact on my grades. Maybe it was because I didn’t smoke during school hours. Maybe I was getting shit bud. Regardless, I have been able to maintain a healthy relationship with weed for over half of my life.

The partnership with King Tut's Cannabis, like all great empires, started by accident. I needed content for my podcast, and unboxing videos are popular on YouTube. The only things I unbox are my order from King Tut’s Cannabis, so an idea was born. One of my viewers saw the video I made and placed an order for himself. He included a note to let them know he heard of their company through my podcast, and King Tut’s reached out to me to say thank you. Instead of leaving it there, I asked them if they would be interested in a partnership. They had never worked in social media marketing but were interested in starting. I proposed bi-weekly advertisements in exchange for a discount code for my listeners, free products for myself every month.

What Can I Say? I'm A Company Man.

Within the first 30 days, my promo code had been used over 300 times. King Tuts was thrilled and we forged a more permanent agreement.

If I had a time machine and used it to go back and tell 16 year old Drew that one day he would be a sponsored marijuana smoker, I’m sure he would ask me “How did you figure out time travel?” His second question might be “Now tell me about the weed,” which I would be more than happy to oblige.

The lesson here is that you should look at every interaction as an opportunity. If I had merely said “Thank you” to King Tut’s and left it at that, this business partnership would never have been born. Seek possibilities where none seem to exist. Ask for things that aren’t even real. Chances are, you might be surprised.

1 Ounce of My Favorite Strain: Tom Ford Pink Kush

Head over to right now and use the code “DREW” at checkout for 10% off your order! They have edibles if you don’t like to smoke, CBD if you don’t like getting fucked up, and hash if you’re a middle aged man who likes Pink Floyd!

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